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Wayne was one of fifty Content Marketing Experts listed in  The Future of Content Marketing: 50 Experts Share Their 2014 Predictions.

Publications are the life blood of the Web. They literally are content. And creating content is not easy, as you likely already know. Content, blogging, writing, print books, eBooks, Portable Document Format (PDF) files, Web site text; these things are what we do. Take a look at our publications history; at our body of work. It's not over. Not ended. It grows weekly at our blog, with our eBooks.

Our blog has over a thousand posts. Numerous comments. Our Twitter feed is similarly well fed and growing. Read our short fiction, our magazine articles. Enjoy. Our proudest publications are our articles with The World Future Society, one in the Futurist Magazine and the other in their Social Innovation Forum.

Do you like short fiction? Read Shift World. You'll love it.

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How To Use Social Sites And A Blog to Establish Yourself As An Expert


Web Content RX: A Quick and Handy Guide for Writers, Webmasters, eBayers, and Business People - Order at Amazon

When Social Networking Fails, Nine Steps to Social Networking Success

Finding A Job Using the Web, Search Engines, and Social Networking

[eBook at Amazon]

Finding A Job Using the Web, Search Engines, and Social Networking

[eBook at Amazon]

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    Life Gets Tough

    Published in Movers And Shakers Newsletter
    and Neighbors Magazine

    Life Gets Tough

    Know it's so because life's
    lessons taoght me so.
    And yet, this I also know
    To fear not the darkness,
    When dawn lights the way.
    Know that forver, my friend,
    And you'll be okay.