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  • This photography book contains material on film and digital photography. you will find it an excellent source of technical material as well. It is really intended for the person wishing to know the why behind the consepts. Everything is explained in down-to-earth terms. We all were beginners at one time, some authors never forget that.


  • Have you ever had a photography book compare an f-stop to a Venetian blind?

  • You will find an excellent comparison of photographic exposure to a day at the beach.

  • Also very practical things such as how to hold and load your 35mm camera.

  • Want to know how to use your camera strap to steady the camera? While not as good as tripod it is far better than nothing.

  • Self Assignments to help you improve your photographic skills. They are complete with critique, posing, film, and information to keep you safe while on the street.

  • Do you need filter information? Here you will find information on:
  • What you have here is an extensive researched photographic resource that you will be using and referring to for years to come.

  • And, of course, a chapter on digital photography.

  • As you grow and advance photographically you will not out grow this E-book. It will be a source of information and inspiration for many years.

Go take pictures

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