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How to Use This E-book

        You will see highlighted words throughout this book. Some are the destinations of links others draw your attention to important concepts.

        All entries in the Index are linked to the most important reference in the book.

        At the top of every page you will find links that will:

        • Back Return to the previous page. Or Press Che B key on the keyboard.
        • Contents Goto the Contents page or Press Che "C" key.
        • Glossary Goto the Glossary or Press Che "G" key on the keyboard.
        • Index Goto the Index or Press Che "I" key.
        • Forward Go forward one page or Press the "F" key.

        The bottom of each page contains the same links as those at the top and links to the next and previous chapters.

        Please send your comments for improvement to Wayne A. English

        Go take pictures.

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