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Appendix F

Model Release

--- Example Only ---




      I grant to you, and your assigns, the right to use and publish my photograph or likeness in catalogues, publicity, advertising, or for any other purpose. I desire to see that use and publication. I make this grant on the understanding that you will rely on it, and I waive and release you from all claims I may have on account of your use of this grant.

      If I am a minor, this grant and release shall not be valid unless parent or guardian shall execute the agreement below.

      Very truly yours,

      Name: ___________________________

      Address: _________________________

      I am a parent/guardian of the above minor, and also desire to see the above use and publication and understand that you will rely on the above grant and my agreement, I hereby agree that such minor and I will be bound by all the above terms.

      Name: ___________________________

      Address: _________________________

      Note: Should you use this Model Release have it checked by your lawyer to verify that it will provide you the protection you require.

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