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Appendix D

Equipment Care and Handling

        While there is little than can be done in the way of maintenance, taking care of the camera will extend its life.

        Temperature extremes. If the camera must be used in cold weather consider keeping it under your jacket. And keep your camera bag closed when entering a warm room or going inside because moisture in the warm air will condense on the cold equipment. Let the bag and equipment warm up slowly.

        Batteries. Batteries need to be kept warm as well as the camera. Cold batteries do not offer the performance that warm ones do. Also, cold batteries may need to be changed to warm ones if the camera can not be kept warm.

        Keep equipment dry. Be very careful at the beach as salt spray can carry on the breeze be especially careful as salt water is very corrosive.

        Salt Water Immersion. Should the camera in imersed in salt water immediately flush it with fresh water. Remove the lens, open the back, flush it totally. While this may sound crazy, it is essential because salt water will destroy a camera in hours because it is so very corrosive. You must flush the salt water as soon as it is possible to do so.

        Keep sand and dirt out. At the beach use a good light-colored camera bag or other adequate protection.

        When reloading the camera sweep out any film chips, obvious dust, and dirt.

        Keep lenses and filters clean. A dirty filter will degrade photos substantially.

        Cleaning the lens. Do NOT pour cleaning fluid directly on any lens surface. The liquid can seep inside the lens barrel and provide a medium for the growth of fungus.

        Always clean the lens with lens fluid and lens tissue. Place the fluid on the tissue and sweep the tissue from the center of the lens to the side in a circular motion. Be careful when cleaning the glass elements closest to the film. A scratch here is disastrous.

        The Shutter Curtain. Do NOT touch the shutter curtain. Replacement is very expensive. While not fragile it can be ruined all too easily.

        Love the camera and it will love you.

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