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Appendix A


        1. Does the term Chrome, in a film's name, refer to color print film or color slide film?

        2. What is the difference between a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens?

        3. What does the f-stop, or aperture, do?

        4. What does the shutter do?

        5. What does ISO refer to?

        6. What does color temperature refer to? Color shift?

        7. What is depth of field? Is it greater at f16 or at f2? Do you get more depth of field with telephoto or wide angle lenses?

        8. What is exposure?

        9. What is bounce flash? How much additional exposure is required?

        10. List several ways to improve your ability to compose a photograph.

        11. How would you increase exposure? How would you decrease exposure?

        12. What does a fast shutter refer to? Is the shutter curtain moving at higher speed when the shutter is open for 1/500 of a second than when open for one-half second?

        13. Why is the f-stop like a window bind?

        Go take pictures.

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