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Reporters, journalists, bloggers, writers we are here to answer your questions. We write, too, and understand that you're on deadline and need research material now. We get that because we've been on deadline, too. If we can help you, you have only to ask. We will do our best to get you the material you need to get your piece / post / article delivered on-time.

Let us hear from you. If we can help you push work out the door, we're happy to do it. You have a friend in Connecticut.

Where Wayne Has Spoken  [Top of Page]

  • Social Media Strategies panel discussion at The Connecticut Business Expo.
  • The Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association (CAPA) yearly conference, CAPA-University, and their Central and Southeastern Chapters.
  • Doctors Rosenlicht and Ansari Oral, Facial and Implant Surgery Center Manchester, Connecticut.
  • The Manchester, Glastonbury, and South Windsor Chambers of Commerce.
  • The Tolland Public Library, two lectures on using the online world to find work, and one on creating Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
  • The Farmington River Literary Arts Center.
  • Internet and broadcast radio programs and a television show that featured my book.

TV Appearances  [Top of Page]

Radio Appearances    [Top of Page]

Instructional Background     [Top of Page]

  • Wayne has taught Software Quality Assurance, Radiation Protection, the Mathematics, Physics, and Metric system sections of a Health Physics program, First Aid, a vast amount of photography, writing for the Web, and social networking.