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Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes. Stop by and say, "Hello." https://www.facebook.com/wayne.english.167

When is your birthday?

October 3, 1948

What do you think of censorship?

I oppose censorship in any form. for any reason. At any time.

You've written a historical novel on the brutal Attila and a touching sensitive short story that deals with a child. How do you reconcile that?

I don't because I can't. Each is a writing project and the product of my active, some might say overactive, imagination. I'm just a writer pushing out content.

Do you have media experience?

I do. I've been on television, in YouTube videos, a recurring guest on a radio program, have spoken on web design, marketing, writing, taught a vast amount of photography, standard and advanced first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, software quality assurance, and ran the training committee on a volunteer ambulance.

Do you edit your work?

Yes, absolutely and rely on my writer's group to critique my stories, word structure. They contribute mightily to my work. Want to join us? Visit https://easternconnecticutwriters.blogspot.com

Do you have a blog?

Yes, absolutely. You will find material on: writing, web design, marketing, and more of interest to budding and advanced writers, marketers, and business people. You may read it by following this link: http://www.wayneaenglish.com/WP/

Besides your novel what have you written and published?

Well, let's see. Four non fiction books, numerous articles, posts, poetry, magazine articles, newspaper articles here in the United States and abroad as well. You can see my work at WayneAEnglish.com

In your short story, Two Tons For Maria you have a picture of a little girl. did you take the picture?

No, that picture came from Big Stock Photo, a stock photography house. I would never use the photo of someone I know or from a picture that I took. Even though I am very capable as I taught photography, wrote a monthly column for a photo magazine, and did it professionally.