Make your Web site and social networking fun. Watch this video. It's great.

Make your Web site and social networking fun. Watch this video. It’s great.

Have you ever thought of offering fun online. Specifically on your Web site, blog, social networking campaign? Here is a video of a stairway that was turned into a giant piano keyboard – with audio to match. Yes, you could play the piano but walking up the stairs. Is that great or what?

The result? Sixty-six percent more people took the stairs rather than the escalator.

The message is clear. No one is too old for some fun and having fun is a great way to increase the popularity of your Web site and online activities.

Watch the Fun Theory and see for your self. Kudos to the person who thought up the idea. Well done, very well done.

Apple embraces Twitter, not Facebook. Is Facebook's end in sight, or is this just a slap in the facebook?

Apple embraces Twitter, not Facebook. Is Facebook’s end in sight, or is this just a slap in the facebook?

Apple's new OS X Mountain Lion ignores Facebook and embraces Twitter. Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook? This is not the only problem facing Facebook. There are privacy concerns and people are "un-friending" their so called "friends." Yes, they are.

In Apple's new operating system (OS) Twitter will be built in. With OSX you will be able to Tweet, send photos, links, and content by hitting the share button in Safari. And that's not all, you will be notified of Twitter mentions and direct messages as well.

This is a Big Deal for Twitter. Yes, it is. Makes you wonder why facebook got left out, doesn't it.

Remove your Google history and keep Google from recording your activity. Here's how.

Remove your Google history and keep Google from recording your activity. Here’s how.

Would you like to remove your browsing history from Google and keep them from recording it it tn future? Yes, I thought you would.

  1. Go to You will be prompted to sign in to your Google account.
  2. Click the “Remove all Web History” button.
  3. that's all that is required. You're done.

This removes all of the search data that Google collected on this account, and automatically pauses Web History. What that means to you is that Google will not collect any more information from this account, until you click the blue Resume button.

If you have more than one Google account do this for each account.

Privacy will never die. It's far too valuable to kill. Here's why you are not safe online.

Privacy will never die. It’s far too valuable to kill. Here’s why you are not safe online.

Online privacy is on your mind, if its not it will be. The information you give to Facebook, Google+, and others as a condition of membership is your digital finger print. You may be interested to know that when you log into other sites with a Facebook, or other ID, you may be granting permission to access your data. when you use your Facebook ID to log-on to other Web sites you may be granting permission for access to parts of your data that would normally be hidden.

Here is a link to an excellent article at MSNBC, Why social media, mobile phones want your info.

Some people think that we are living in the post privacy era. Even not considering the illegal hacking and outright stealing of data, there is a vast amount of personal data online that people put there intentionally. This has cost people their jobs, ruined careers. Employers now routinely check people out on Facebook, read their blogs, and watch their Twitter feed.

You think this is bad? This is nothing. Keep reading.

Not even your encrypted Skype phone calls and instant messages are safe. FinFisher's FinSpy can wiretap Skype. FinFisher can even remotely turn on your webcam or microphone. It comes to you disguised as a fake software update to products like iTunes or Adobe Flash. It installs itself on your system. It turns that lovely computer of yours into the ultimate spy.

Now do you see why people say privacy is dead? This product is sold to dictators and used to gather intelligence on dissidents even in foreign countries. It and others like it are responsible for very nasty things being done to journalists and dissidents. Read the FinFisher article linked to above. See Electronic Fronteir Foundation for more on this.

The technology that makes this possible os created and sold by companies the world over. This is not done covertly. This is software you can buy by doing little more than attending the Intelligence Support Systems trade show.

Privacy invasion and outright spying are big business. If you are someone that people have cause to gather information on take great care that your computer is not spying on you.