The genius of selling water

Ever thought about buying a bottle of water? Do you realize that you’re paying for something that you can get free almost everywhere? So, why are you paying for it?

The answer to that question needs paying attention to by business people for there is gold in the answer.

The Simple Answer

People are told to buy it in advertising over and over and over again. They they see their friends buying it and carrying water everywhere, and I mean absolutely everywhere. They see it online, in print. on TV, hear it on the radio; literally everywhere. Monkey see monkey. As the water goes though the cash register.

H2O is no more, now it’s: H2$

Think about it:

  1. Cost of product: Zero. Water is free for the taking.
  2. It’s wherever you are and its free because people can’t live without it.
  3. Marketing is so incredibly successful that people carry it with them when just about everywhere. and the silly thing is that it’s already there for free.
  4. This is probably the most successful marketing campaign that has ever existed because it sells a product that is ubiquitous and free of charge. Think about that. Let that thought soak into your grey matter.

So, what can we learn from this? That you can sell anything if you market it properly. the genius here is that water is a product that every human on the planet requires. There is nothing other than food and air that is this critical to survival; to life itself. So, my friend, the market is there. Heck, it’s every where.

Makes me wonder what the public will buy next? Can’t be air, we’ve already seen that sold in novelty shops. Like this on the label: the air in this jar is from [wherever you’re at]. Yeah, saw that years ago.

Got some ideas, but we ain’t saying. Not to worry, the next thing available for free that you’ll buy will come along soon enough.

How One Business That Does It Right: ‘Is Your 20th Century Business Failing in the 21st Century?’

I was visiting a client who owns and operates a beauty salon in Tolland, Connecticut. While there, I was impressed with her superb business skills. She does everything right.



  1. Her salon is spotless. Literally as clean now, after four years of operation, as the day I photographed it opened for business.
  2. She employs has one full timer and one contractor. The contractor attracts clients from across the State of Connecticut. She is that good.
  3. Her employee is also excellent. No surprise there.
  4. The owner? One of her clients drives from the Boston area to have her hair done. Enough said, I’d say.
  5. She, the owner, attends hair shows to stay  up-to-date. There’s a message there. Clearly, she understands that to attract and retain a solid clientele you have to provide superior service, quality, and real world and current expertise in an atmosphere that is welcoming, clean, well designed, and maintained. You would do well to read that sentence a dozen times and take it to heart for there lie the seeds of business success.
  6. The salon offers free coffee. Clients love that.
  7. The owner is active on online. We are not going to tell you where. This is a post on business expertise, not one that reveals marketing information to the competition.
  8. The business website is a superbly designed business tool that looks great on smart phones, and laptops, desktops because it was designed to do just that. The site, its graphics, content, and design are unique; it was not made from a template, not with WordPress. Not from some free site that bites you in the wallet later. No.   This website is literally a highly trained, highly effective employee whose job is to bring in business. See: Want To Lose 300 Thousand Dollars?
  9. A salesman advised her, the owner, to place a tablet in the salon so clients could use it to search hair styles. She decided not to. Why? Clients bring their smart phones and say, “I want this.” while showing her a picture on their smart phone. The message is: when there is no need for additional technology – meaning overhead – don’t install it.
  10. You can adopt that attitude in your business as well. Find ways to exploit technology and information and advertising and social media and the web to promote yourself and your company. Make doing business easier for your clients and more effective for you. But, do not embrace techniques and technology that add nothing.

Do the above and your “Goose lays golden eggs; don’t and your goose is cooked.” Sure, we’ve said that a thousand times. We’ll say it another thousand because it bears repeating.

You must not allow your business to become the one that the competition wants to compete with because you are behind the times, can’t attract the next generation client, or provide outdated products or services. Stay sharp. Stay in the game.

The message? Don’t fight the trends in today’s and tomorrow’s business of doing business and marketing. The ultimate secret is this: “Fish Where The Fish Are.” Do that and you’ll be well fed forever.

The business? Transitions Salon located in Tolland, Connecticut. See: The business woman: Linda Converse.


Why making money is not enough

In any company, you’re saying “We’re making money.” That’s nice, but it not enough. You can make money and go out of business if you’re spending more than your making. Let me explain, and show you how to make ten-thousand dollars guaranteed.Dollar Sign Icon Png Dollar sign

Go out and get yourself $20,000 in 100 dollar bills. Now sell those bills for fifty bucks each. You make $10,000, but also lose $10,000. Do you see that making money is not enough.

You’ve got to make margin.

You’ve got to make back the cost of your product(s), overhead, salary, retirement, transportation, everything that it costs you to stay in business. So, when we say making money is not enough we mean you can make money and still go broke.

Here’s how to stay in business

  • Adequately capitalize your company so you’ve got the funds to pay for advertising, social media, rent, products, your living expenses, insurance, utilities, web site, transportation – all of it.
  • Be prepared to pay for the unexpected.
  • Know who will buy your products and how to reach those people online, in print, on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines. Your success depends on reaching these people and getting them to purchase your products. Do this and your goose lays golden eggs, don’t and your goose is cooked. Simple as that.

Now get out there and hustle.

Oh, one last thing, “Follow-up ruthlessly.”

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