The genius of selling water

Ever thought about buying a bottle of water? Do you realize that you’re paying for something that you can get free almost everywhere? So, why are you paying for it?

The answer to that question needs paying attention to by business people for there is gold in the answer.

The Simple Answer

People are told to buy it in advertising over and over and over again. They they see their friends buying it and carrying water everywhere, and I mean absolutely everywhere. They see it online, in print. on TV, hear it on the radio; literally everywhere. Monkey see monkey. As the water goes though the cash register.

H2O is no more, now it’s: H2$

Think about it:

  1. Cost of product: Zero. Water is free for the taking.
  2. It’s wherever you are and its free because people can’t live without it.
  3. Marketing is so incredibly successful that people carry it with them when just about everywhere. and the silly thing is that it’s already there for free.
  4. This is probably the most successful marketing campaign that has ever existed because it sells a product that is ubiquitous and free of charge. Think about that. Let that thought soak into your grey matter.

So, what can we learn from this? That you can sell anything if you market it properly. the genius here is that water is a product that every human on the planet requires. There is nothing other than food and air that is this critical to survival; to life itself. So, my friend, the market is there. Heck, it’s every where.

Makes me wonder what the public will buy next? Can’t be air, we’ve already seen that sold in novelty shops. Like this on the label: the air in this jar is from [wherever you’re at]. Yeah, saw that years ago.

Got some ideas, but we ain’t saying. Not to worry, the next thing available for free that you’ll buy will come along soon enough.