How One Business That Does It Right: ‘Is Your 20th Century Business Failing in the 21st Century?’

I was visiting a client who owns and operates a beauty salon in Tolland, Connecticut. While there, I was impressed with her superb business skills. She does everything right.



  1. Her salon is spotless. Literally as clean now, after four years of operation, as the day I photographed it opened for business.
  2. She employs has one full timer and one contractor. The contractor attracts clients from across the State of Connecticut. She is that good.
  3. Her employee is also excellent. No surprise there.
  4. The owner? One of her clients drives from the Boston area to have her hair done. Enough said, I’d say.
  5. She, the owner, attends hair shows to stay  up-to-date. There’s a message there. Clearly, she understands that to attract and retain a solid clientele you have to provide superior service, quality, and real world and current expertise in an atmosphere that is welcoming, clean, well designed, and maintained. You would do well to read that sentence a dozen times and take it to heart for there lie the seeds of business success.
  6. The salon offers free coffee. Clients love that.
  7. The owner is active on online. We are not going to tell you where. This is a post on business expertise, not one that reveals marketing information to the competition.
  8. The business website is a superbly designed business tool that looks great on smart phones, and laptops, desktops because it was designed to do just that. The site, its graphics, content, and design are unique; it was not made from a template, not with WordPress. Not from some free site that bites you in the wallet later. No.   This website is literally a highly trained, highly effective employee whose job is to bring in business. See: Want To Lose 300 Thousand Dollars?
  9. A salesman advised her, the owner, to place a tablet in the salon so clients could use it to search hair styles. She decided not to. Why? Clients bring their smart phones and say, “I want this.” while showing her a picture on their smart phone. The message is: when there is no need for additional technology – meaning overhead – don’t install it.
  10. You can adopt that attitude in your business as well. Find ways to exploit technology and information and advertising and social media and the web to promote yourself and your company. Make doing business easier for your clients and more effective for you. But, do not embrace techniques and technology that add nothing.

Do the above and your “Goose lays golden eggs; don’t and your goose is cooked.” Sure, we’ve said that a thousand times. We’ll say it another thousand because it bears repeating.

You must not allow your business to become the one that the competition wants to compete with because you are behind the times, can’t attract the next generation client, or provide outdated products or services. Stay sharp. Stay in the game.

The message? Don’t fight the trends in today’s and tomorrow’s business of doing business and marketing. The ultimate secret is this: “Fish Where The Fish Are.” Do that and you’ll be well fed forever.

The business? Transitions Salon located in Tolland, Connecticut. See: The business woman: Linda Converse.