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The Author

Wayne A. English was born in Winsted, Connecticut in 1948. Wayne went to local schools and graduated from high school in 1967 and went on to attend Northwestern Community College were he took his degree in General Arts and Science. He then went off to Central Connecticut State University, but found it not for him, so he attended Hartford State Technical college were he degreed in Nuclear Engineering Technology.

Then it was on to the world of work at the State of Connecticut in the Department of Transportation, but it only lasted a few months until he got a job at Hartford Electric Light Company, now Eversource, as a Field Technician where he worked with electric services and the electric distribution system.

After four years until he took a job in the Radiological Assessment Branch of Nuclear Engineering at Northeast Utilities where Wayne provided health physics support, worked to certify a dosimetry laboratory, and photographed a health physics training program.

Then it was on to Information Resources where he hired programmers, assisted in the development and taught Software Quality Assurance program in support of NU's nuclear power effort.

Next, back to Nuclear Engineering in the Reliability Engineering where he worked on two Integrated Leak Rate Tests, did InfraRed surveys, and provided support to nuclear, fossil, and hydroelectric electric generating plants.

Next he was off to join an electric distribution group as a thermographer as a Test Specialist where he inspected overhead, underground, and direct buried equipment.

After two years, Wayne moved on to a System Operator job. And finally retired in 2004 as a Senior Engineering Technician from System Project Engineering.

When Not Writing

Wayne loves to work on his machines. His tractor, mower, chipper. Loves working with tools and shopping for and buying them. Pretty soon it will be time for another tool box.

He loves fixing things. Whether it's a bathroom floor, garage doors, makes no difference. If it can be taken apart and repaired that's where the fun is.

Future Writing Projects

Currently, Wayne has just published his first novel. It's Historical Fiction, published on Amazon, and he's in the process of marketing it as this is written (28 July 2023). It's title is Attila's Revenge. A story about Attila the Hun and how he captures the daughter of a women he knew hated, and lusted for 25 years earlier.

He uses the daughter to get to her parents. They mount a rescue mission and ...well that would be telling. See for yourself by following this link.

My next writing project will be a fictional series. The first book is in final editing now and the cover is ready to do. It's titled, Fear the Zeroth Dimension and will be self published. I'm making notes for the second book in the series. The title of the series will be The Tory Town Chronicles and takes place in a fictional town in Connecticut.

Publications and Writing

Wayne published his first article in Emergency Magazine in 1983. It dealt with the care and transportation of a radiologically contaminated patient. He had the medical side as he was an emergency Medical Technician and worked in Radiological assessment at the time.

Then it was years before he published again. In the mean time Wayne wrote, onPhotography, a photography book, taught a vast amount of photography, worked as a professional photographer, and wrote a monthly column for Snapshot Magazine. All while holding down a full time job at Northeast Utilities.

Then it was on to more and more publications in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, online and in print. You may see my body of work by following this link.

Publishing my first book in 2009 with Career Press was an inspiration and an honor. It ignited my already raging love of writing and I haven't stopped yet. and have no intention of ever stopping.

Professional Resume

Wayne A. English

   Locally, nationally, and internationally published author.

   Author of five books.

   Speaker and Instructor.

   Extensive training and training development expertise in multiple fields.

   Expert knowledge electric distribution.

   Nuclear power experience in two nuclear engineering groups.

   Strong technical, science, and mathematics skills.

   Information Technology Expertise, Webmaster, Web Content Expert, Blogger, and Social Media Expert.

Extensive capabilities with personal computers, the Internet, the Web, a wide array of software including editors, word processors, File Transfer Protocol, browsers, Windows 10, WordPress, and a smattering of experience with Linux, and , professional capabilities with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Senior Engineering Technician - System Project Engineering (1999 - 2003)

    Expert knowledge of the electric distribution system, construction techniques, and how to build and maintain the system.

    Responsible for large and small projects where I designed and wrote work orders for complex electric distribution construction projects in relation to road jobs, relocation and repair of bridges and highways, and worked storms during times of trouble.

Field Technician - New Service (1997 - 1999)

    Inspected electric services, worked with local and state officials, electricians and customers.

System Operator - Regional Operations (1990 - 1997)

    Responsible for the restoration of electric power and the direction of personnel in the safe operation of electrical equipment during outages, storms, and situations involving threats to human life.

    Reprogrammed a Statistical Analysis System mainframe rotating shift scheduling program. While outside of my responsibilities, I completed the task.

Test Specialist (Thermographer) - System Test Engineering (1988-1990)

    Used thermographic test equipment to find electrical equipment in danger of failure and recommended corrective action. Equipment tested ranged from distribution equipment, to substation transformers and associated devices, to 345kV transmission devices.

    In addition, to thermographic equipment I inspected devices visually and with ultrasonic test gear.

    Additional job background in nuclear engineering and Information Technology available on request.


Reliability Engineering - Senior Engineering Technician (1986 - 1988)

    Supported nuclear, fossil and hydroelectric generating plants.

    Worked on two Integrated Leak Rate Tests at Connecticut Yankee and Millstone One nuclear power stations.

Assistant Computer Scientist - Information Resources (1981 - 1986)

    Assisted in the development and taught Software Quality Assurance

    Assisted in the hiring of numerous computer programmers

Radiological Assessment (Nuclear Engineering) - Engineering Technician - (1977 - 1981)

    Completed numerous experiments to qualify NU’s Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory

    Photographed a health physics training program

Electric Operations - Field Technician (1973 - 1977)

    Inspected electric services

    Investigated and corrected voltage and other customer problems

Teaching, Speaking, And Curriculum Development:

    Lectures and seminars on Social networking and writing for the Web

Northeast Utilities

    Instructed the Mathematics, Metric System, and Physics sections of a health physics program

    Presentation of The Software Quality Assurance Training Program.

    Imagine 21 Facilitator.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

    Nationally certified Radiological Monitoring Instructor.

American Red Cross, instructed:

    Standard First Aid, Advanced First Aid, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Photography Instructor, Contributing Editor, and Professional Photographer

    Developed and instructed basic, intermediate, advanced photography.

    Wrote Corner 35 a technically oriented monthly column for Snapshot Magazine.

    Supplied wedding, industrial, portrait, publication and other photography.


Northwestern Connecticut Community College

    Associate Degree, General Arts and Science

Hartford State Technical College

    Associate Degree, Nuclear Engineering Technology

Central Connecticut State University & The University of Hartford

    Calculus II, Calculus III, Statistics, Number Systems, Pascal, Management, Geography, Philosophy, Abnormal Psychology, Child Psychology, and others.      

Eastern Connecticut State University

    C Programming Language, Mediation, and Urban Anthropology