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Web Content RxI'm Wayne English, published author, writer, and lecturer. My books and short stories, both published and unpublished, are below.

Web Content Rx Social network you way to success. Get a job with our book's help. Get a job with our book's help. Get a job with our book's help.

Speaking & Training

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Where We've Spoken

  • Mark Twain Writer's Workshop • Taught writing for the web
  • Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association Writer's Conferences • Writing for the Web, Content, Marketing
  • The Hartford Adobe Users Group • How to create a business friendly web site.
  • Mansfield Public Library • How to find a job.
  • The Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association, Northeastern Connecticut Chapter • Social networking.
  • Central Connecticut State University Institute of Technology and Business Development • Panel discussion on social networking.
  • Connecticut Business Expo Effective Social Media Strategies • Panel discussion on marketing strategies.
  • Doctors Rosenlicht and Ansari, Manchester, Connecticut - Oral, Facial and Implant Surgery Center • Social Networking
  • The Tolland Connecticut Public Library • Using Social Networking, The Web, and Search Engines to Find a Job
  • The Farmington River Literary Arts Center • Ten Steps to Social Networking Success
  • The South Windsor Connecticut Chamber of Commerce • Writing Content for your Social Networking Campaign

About Wayne

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Wayne's first book, Web Content Rx, is sold internationally and is a Top 5 Business Title in Leadership books at The Washington Post. Wayne is published in major and minor magazines, newspapers, and newsletters locally, nationally, and internationally.

An accomplished speaker, Wayne loves presenting seminars and workshops and speaks whenever he can on writing for the Web and social networking. Being in front of a group is the most relaxing thing in the world.

The company has migrated from developing Websites to where you see it today. The main reason is that Wayne no longer enjoyed spending hours at the computer. Now things are much more interesting as he works with people more.

We began in this business designing, developing, and hosting websites. Yeah, developing and coding, but we don't do that any more. Why? Well, we broke up with our computer because we missed people too much. Being cooped up with a computer and coding all day long is not a real good time. And, as I was working alone, I was either coding or looking for the next project. when I was coding, finding work almost impossible. And finding work made coding impossible. So, we gave that up.

Further, Wayne has extensive technical background, and expert knowledge, of the electric distribution system, has worked in two nuclear groups, and in Information Technology.


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  • Sadlak Industries

  • Manchester, Connecticut; Republican Town Committee

  • Coventry, Connecticut; Republican Town Committee

  • NATO Watch, based in Scotland and the UK, is a virtual think-tank promoting transparency and accountability for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

  • Bartron Medical Imaging, Inc.

  • Tim Ackert, Connecticut State Representative
    • Write political campaign literature.
      • "Wayne English is a exceptionally fine writer. His efforts contributed materially to my election to the Connecticut State House of Representatives. Wayne’s efforts to keep our campaign message targeted and simple are relentless. He is a valued and productive member of my campaign staff."

        --- Tim Ackert, Connecticut State Representative

    • The Content Marketing Institute

    • Crusin' On Main Street, Manchester, Connecticut.

    • Wallingford Electric Division, Wallingford, Connecticut.
      • Technical Writer

    • Website Magazine

    • Networking-Go
      • Wrote articles for their newsletter.

    • Site Pro News
    • A.S Surveying
      • Business coaching and social networking consulting.

    • The Connecticut Library Consortium
      • We present a program for unemployed people on using the Web and social networking to find a job.

    • The Computer Company, Cromwell, Connecticut

    • The Renewable Energy Association of Connecticut
      • Commenting about the video edited, "Great job." Greg Alaimo

    • Project FEEDS, Friendly Environmentally Energy Dependant Systems

    • People Development LLC

    • The Birch Mountain Day School

    • Coventry Auto Sales and Service

    • Empire Group LTD
    • FATHOM Applied Strategy
      • Technical Writing Specialist

    • Trigger Point Massage Therapy
      • We developed their Web site and wrote a Media Release.

    • Laubacher Multimedia where we wrote Web content for:
      • Taylor Oil Web Project
      • The Law Offices of Philip M. Markella Web Project

    • J. Lindsay Kellock, Writer, Author, Coach, Speaker and Educator.
      • Consulting in a range of issues relating to customer service challenges and marketing.


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Testimonials show you what our clients think of our work and what they think of us personally. There are good testimonials and bad ones. The good ones give the full name, and sometimes title, of the person giving the recommendation. Bad ones have no title, and often a generic name. Our testimonials are good ones.

  • Brenda Stepule
    Stepule's Sanitation Service, Inc.
    Glastonbury, Connecticut
    (860) 883-9687

    Hi, just a quick note, I read your recommendations for my business and the critique of our website and just love them!

  • George Baker Candidate for Probate Judge Tolland - Mansfield, Connecticut

    I recently hired Wayne to develop a web site for my campaign. Wayne did a tremendous job with the development, design and implementation of the web site. He helped create the content/message and produced a video and integrated the web site with other social media tools. Having little knowledge of marketing and web design I was intimidated by the process. Wayne excelled at developing a theme and the content for the web page. Wayne quickly designed the web site and promptly incorporated all of my revisions. He is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Wayne for web site design.

  • Tim Ackert, Connecticut State Representative

    Wayne English is a exceptionally fine writer. His efforts contributed materially to my election to the Connecticut State House of Representatives. Wayne’s efforts to keep our campaign message targeted and simple are relentless. He is a valued and productive member of my campaign staff.

  • Moving Mountains

    Great meeting with @WebContentRx! Thanks for all the information! Your knowledge is truly inspirational! Posted to Twitter by Stacey G. Hoffman,


  • Amorosino Writing LLC
    "Hi Wayne! I quoted you at Post University on Thursday. Communication isn't telling, talking or writing. It's understanding. Kudos to you."

    Chris Amorosino

    Amorosino Writing LLC,

  • Essential Touch LLC
    This recommendation was placed on LinkedIn.

    "Dear Wayne, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "I have known Wayne through the Manchester Chamber of Commerce for about a year. His knowledge and enthusiasm for social networking is quite contagious.

    After much encouragement from him, I finally started a Facebook page for my massage business, Essential Touch LLC. I am presenting community classes now in Thai Massage and decided to take his advice and create an event page on Facebook for my next class. Our enrollment, in under a day, went from 4 people to almost full (20 people)!

    Although Facebook is the only network I use at present, Wayne is well-versed in all social networking and I shall certainly look to his advice as my business grows and transitions."

    Nikole Arel, LMT (Owner, Essential Touch LLC, Connecticut Licensed & Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Registered Thai Massage Therapist. 860/268-3498.)" Service Category: Graphic/Web Designer Year first hired: 2009 Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
    Certified Massage Therapist

  • Organized East of the River

    “I just finished reading through your analysis and it is fantastic.”

    Donna Finocchiaro, Organized East of the River,

  • The Tern Inn

    “Wayne is great. The Web works and Wayne works the Web. Wayne English has been our Web Master since the Spring of 2000. He designed, developed, and photographed a Web site responsible for 34% of our revenue. In the highly competitive beach resort environment, the online world is very cost effective.”

    M.R. Casey, President, Tern Inn

  • J. Lindsay Kellock [Remarking on my article in Fate Magazine] "... not a word too much, not a word too few. Just right. Simple and telling. Wow.

    And I enjoyed your site so much, Wayne. It's absolutely right. I am proud to be a client."